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Planet-munching Bloblings are loose in the Lotlverse! As a Lotl Space Ranger, your task is to capture them all and release them back to their solar system. Are you up for the job?

Lotl Space Ranger is a top-down space shooter with a cute narrative and high-paced gameplay.

The Lotls presents: Lotl Space Ranger

Space Bllobbs serve a vital purpose in the Lotlverse: despite being made of jelly, they’ve got strong jaws able to chew through rocks and hard terrains.

Bllobbss keep the Lotlverse planet structure in balance by chewing away on mutating planets. If not trimmed down, these planets would continue to grow and eventually throw their solar systems off balance.

There are six mutating solar systems in the Lotlverse, and each system has its own Bllobb species.

One Bllobb = Many Bllobblings

Like corals, a Blob is both one creature and a colony of creatures. Each Bllobb can split into multiple Bllobblings, and each Bllobbling represents a unique part of the full Bllobb.

Assembled Bllobbs are peaceful and wholesome creatures, but separated Bllobblings are aggressive and will destroy anything in their way. This is perfectly fine when they’re on their home planets, where their destructive nature is welcome.

Severe space winds smash through the Lotlverse and knock Bllobblings into outer space! And here, the confused Bllobblings do what Bllobblings do: they continue to chew up anything, - and anyone, - who comes in their way.

The Bloblings just want to go home, but they're know how. All they know is how to chew things, so that’s what they do. And they’re headed for the fragile solar system of LotlLand.

As a Lotl Space Ranger, you must capture the escaped Bllobblings and reassemble them into wholesome Blobs. Once re-assembled, you can bring the Blob safely back to its home solar system.

Each Blobling can multiply into up to 12 duplicates of itself. Once you’ve captured 12 of each, you can reassemble their full Blob. - But be careful to not let them escape through the Lotlverse portal!

This game features six challenging levels (around 90 mins of gameplay)

Which Lotl will you command?

In Lotl Space Ranger, you're free to choose from a line-up of fully trained Lotl cadettes. You might even recognize some familiar faces...

Fruity Spacecrafts!

Lotl technology is powered by fruit juice and food waste, so most machines also take on a fruit and foodie aesthetic.

Thank you for visiting our game page. We hope you like the game, and hope you might consider becoming a Lotl Space Ranger. 


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